Monday, 10 May 2010

Exoskeleton Exhibition Presentation

So i have done my end of Year Presentation -and- must say it was a strange one - mostly i just put on my Space Suit, Mostly - - and sort of talked about what i have been thinking about - which i imagine made for quite a meandering journey - try to record all of my presentation and the like but i forgot in all the excitment of getting on my boiler suit - - drat- - so i only half rember what i said - - definatly got out some of this Frank Herbhert Flavored Existentialism that has been swimming around as chew through the third in the Dune Novels and spend much time thinking about what i want to wright my third Year Dissertation about - -which is somthing in the neighbourhood of 'The Act of Creation in the Expression of Thourgh' - - there is much thinking about thinking - - next i belive i will scan and post more of my drawings of the Suit in the coming days.

Tuesday, 4 May 2010

Today's Developents

I have built load's more bits for my suits plates today - they don't look quite right hear, build them on to fit on top of the added thickness of the boiler suit so with out it on its all a bit loose - - work continues

My First Adventure . . . Continues

Sunday, 2 May 2010

A bit off topic

You can see the inside of this Parasaurolophus tummy - - Nice - - The Illustrated Encyclopaedia of Dinosaurs - - Yes

My First Adventure

So my little Thursday afternoon adventure in to making one of my many drawing real begins

Next up a visor/neck guard - - did make it a bit hard to see

Side view - - with a bonus shot of my work space

My friend Matt having a Good look at what's gong on - - I like this photo - slightly confusing relative scale

More of the same really
And so my little Thursday afternoon adventure begins - - with a box on my head
Adjusting my gloves while my fellows pretend not to notice
More cardboard for the wrist/gauntlet bits
Got me some cardboard - didn't even notice that this box says 'BOXED' till i saw this photo

How do you start making a space suit? - - You buy a XXL boiler suit from eBay and stand about in it the studio at uni - - obviously.